Song, meanwhile it is the sweetest I,ve ever heard. A simple yet effective set of chords. Then poem, a romantic dangerous magic words I’ve ever felt, read, made. I miss both of song and poem. A lovely song behind the poem. Such like rain in the dry season. But time freezes now, among the high temperature of my 3x4 m cell, loneliness, emptiness, darkness of night and mind. For me, a perfect cup of black coffee should be bitter sweet, not all sweet, and certainly not all bitter. Just like my last coffee of the day. Such like life among love, mad, fight, fate, and hate. When I was just a girl, I expected the world, But it flew away from my reach,  So I ran away in my sleep. Life goes on, It gets so heavy, The wheel breaks the butterfly. Every tear, a waterfall. All I need now: go home. Go back to my peaceful life.I want to stop and decide. Why some silly philosopher kept telling us go with the flow, to drift with the river of life. Bullshit. I need a line of faith. I need to take a breath better, feel like I,ve passed the test. I need a song behind the poem. Relax. Good night.

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